Pedors Woundcare Shoes

Woundcare footwear: often used for swollen/diabetic/high risk feet or after foot surgery. Pedors are gentle, seamless and can accomodate up to 6E width!
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Pedors The Pedors Classic caused a revolution in the orthopedic shoe world when it was launched in 1997 and is just as popular today. The Classic is light-weight, has a stretch upper for forefoot problems and is orthotic friendly.
It is great for bunions, Diabetes, hammertoes, wide and extra-wide feet, crossed-toes, swollen feet and painful joints.
In addition to all of that the upper material, Pedoprene™, can be heat-molded for particularly difficult spots. These shoes are not durable for long-term outdoor use and custom orthopedic footwear would be a better long term solution for outdoor use. Pedors are great for indoor or short term indoor/outdoor use!





Mens 11 / Womens 13 6E, Mens 12 / Womens 14 6E, Mens 14 / Womens 16 6E, Mens 8.5 / Womens 10.5 6E